You have reached my warehouse where I am storing 60 years of technology. It includes my first transistor (Raytheon CK722, circa 1953) to GHz counters (HP5342A). Obviously there is some vintage equipment of interest to collectors. However, most listings are current, commercially available items accumulated during the last ten years of my career as an experimental physicist. I have separated items into several broad categories represented by the following page links.


ELECTRONICS - Test Equipment, Components, Power Supplies, Vintage Items


PHOTONICS - CO2, HeCd, HeNe, & Diode Lasers, Rails, Mounts, Lenses, Polarizers, Ellipsometers, Rotating Assemblies with Encoders, Infrared Detectors and optics, Nernst Glower system


VACUUM EQUIPMENT - Ladd Vacuum Evaporator, Ion Gun, Stainless Chamber, Flanges, Diffusion Pumps, Power Supplies


CHEMISTRY - Limited Glassware and Miscellaneous Parts


VINTAGE STUFF - Computer Hardware, Software, Memory, Motherboards, & CPU's, Wooden Case Electronic Bridge,


OTHER STUFF - Every box I open is a surprise, so I'll list things as I get to them.


BOOKS - Only a scientist could love some of these books, periodicals, and conference proceedings


It may take a year to get all the major items listed and clean up this web site so text and photos are arranged together. If you need something special please email your request. I can provide additional photos or test data for any item on request. If you are near Muskegon,  mi please arrange a time to visit.   If you are near Ann Arbor,  MI or Dayton, OH I can personally deliver as I travel  there routinely.

  Email is the preferred contact since I am usually on travel. If no price is shown for an item send me an email. See my other web site at if you are interested in the best buy on a hydraulic load scale for wheeled front loaders.



Tom Leonard,  6715 Brooks Road, Fruitport,  MI    49415      or phone  (937)426-1222 or (231) 865-3695

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