1. HP 6274B power supply, 0-60v, 0-15a, $645 two available
2. HP 400E ac voltmeter, true rms, two available $70
3. Tektronix 2235A, 100MHz, two channel with cart and probes $390

4. BK Precision 1590A 100MHz scope with cart

5. HP 5342A microwave frequency counter, $950
6. Fluke 1952B counter/timer
7. Fluke 1953 counter/timer
8. Fluke 335D dc voltage standard, differential voltmeter, null detector. SN3355013
9. Kiethly 104 wideband amp SN61672
10. Trygon RS20-15a power supply
11. Square D Topaz line2 power line conditioner See the photos for a Topaz power line conditioner by Square D. This is a commercial grade line conditioner that will protect your computer or other sensitive electronics from power line surges. There is an on/off switch on the back and a duplex outlet in the front. Rated for 4.2 amps. Square D part number 70301. Weighs about 30 pounds. These power conditioners go for $200 and more used on Ebay. I have two units available. My price is $65 each or if you want both make me an offer. Be happy to test them at my lab.
12. Syntest SP-410 ASCII impact printer serial parallel. This is a Syntest Corporation model SP-410 Intelligent Impact Printer, serial # 3D4365. This printer is in like-new condition and ready to go. It comes with two extra Epson ERC-22 ink ribbon cassettes. Power requirement is 6 to 30 vac or vdc and it comes with a plug-in adaptor for 120 vac. This is a laboratory type printer which can be rack mounted, however it sits nicely on a desktop on the four rubber feet. The data interface is dip switch selectable as serial (RS232C or 20 ma current loop) or parallel (8-bit centronics). It prints standard ASCII characters 42 columns wide on 2.25 inch by 80 foot long roll paper. This is a very nice, compact printer to output ASCII data from your laboratory equipment or from any serial or parallel interface including your computer. This printer comes complete and ready to operate with manual, 2 extra ribbon cassettes, and 120VAC to 12VAC transformer and plug.
13. New, 20 turn, 20,000 ohm trim pots by Sangamo Weston. Dimensions and leads are the same as the Bourns 3059Y series. They are in lots of fifty units in their original factory, never opened, plastic package. Each unit is marked on the side with the pin numbers and a diagram showing the direction of the wiper toward pin 3 with CW rotation. Numbers marked on top are 39-00HS 20k 8631. These trim pots will give you a smooth adjustable resistance of 1,000 ohms per turn from zero to 20k ohms. They sell through Ebay and surplus outlets for 75 cents up to $2. My price is 40 cents each for any quantity, but I will discount that for any quantity over 100.
14. Stanford SR510 lock-in amplifier with original box and manual. Also the matching preamplifier for very low level signals.
15. Tektronix 1502 TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer). This is a portable unit in a nice carry case. It can be battery operated, but no battery included. Unit powers on and shows reflected pulse, but not sure the tunnel diode is working to full time resolution. As is for $190
16. Kepco regulated DC power supply, ABC, 0-150 vdc price $85
17. HP 5970 series mass selective detector. This is the main electronics box but some parts have been removed – useful for repair parts
18. Electronic assembly Bench with shelf and outlet strip – 6 feet by 2.5 feet deep. Old but sturdy and fair condition. $30
19. Box of assorted OEM power supplies $2 to $5 each
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