1. Fisher 09-753-52C, petri dishes with absorbent pad, 50mmx11mm w/cover in packs of 50 each. Have 220 total. $25 for all
2. Glass quart bottles plastic coated wide mouth. These plastic coated glass bottles hold one quart. They have a wide mouth (60 mm diameter) with a plastic screw-on cap. They are 180 mm high and about 95 mm diameter. The plastic coating is very tough. It covers the outside of the bottle and is meant to contain the contents if the bottle breaks. These are new, clean, never used bottles. I have about 150 of them. New cost on these plastic coated, safety bottles is about $2.50 each. Yours for 50 cents each – one or one hundred.
3. Test tubes
4. Plastic eyedroppers
5. Pipettes
6. International Equipment Company, centrifuge, model HN-S, Serial Number A84567, 115vac, 1/7 hp. Adjustable speed with speed readout, timer, two interchangeable heads (both four place) with 14 sample tubes and latched cover. Sixteen inch diameter chamber and total height of 17 inches.
7. Dozens of mercury, oral thermometers for 98.6 degrees
8. Chemicals: Five pounds of mercury metal; KBr; liquid acrylic w/ hardener; acetone; acetic acid;
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