1. SOLD Vacuum pump Welch Scientific Duo-Seal -- I have several vacuum pumps and diffusion pumps available. The photo shows a Welch, Duo-Seal pump model 1402, serial number 8956-2 with a ½ hp motor. It is superficially dirty, but in good operating condition. It probably could benefit from new oil, but that depends on what gas and how much you intend to pump through it. $350
2. SOLD I also have a clean, newer model 1402, serial number 55518 with a new ½ hp GE motor for $510. We can test operation at my lab before you purchase. See Ebay for typical cost on a used pump like this
4. Thermatron radiator liquid/air heat exchanger with fan $40
See the photos for a front and back view of a Thermatron Engineering heat exchanger model 721SLM1, serial number 012100. It is used to cool a circulating liquid with the fans that blow air through the radiator.
5. Stainless steel vacuum chamber with multiple ports. Mounted on a roll-around metal frame with room to mount a roughing pump and diffusion pump.
6. lots of SS fittings, ports, feedthroughs – have to look at them
7. Two diffusion pumps, new, never used.
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